GIBRALTAR, An European Fraud Country for Fraud Company

Read the criminal complaint filed at Royal Police of Gibraltar, an investigated case, closed and covered up by a corrupted police officer Thomas TUNBRIDGE against whom a criminal complaint is filed for corruption,

To be brief and clear, following are the issues and the criminal offenses I'm the victim, committed by all people of OCTOPUS, TOSCA, R.E. Services :

I came in Gibraltar the 17th of january 2017. I met Amanda HICKS and Christina SANCHEZ at their office address, Octopus IBS Limited 13/1 Line Wall Road Gibraltar. I ordered a limited company I paid by wire, £1300 to JYSKE BANK LTD in GIBRALTAR- Account number : GI45JYBA178541GBP 253802. They incorporated « MANCOMMAND Limited » for me. I believed OCTOPUS was a normal company, meaning honest, fair, reliable and trustworthy. I discovered lately that those people of this company had registered my company under their own name (OCTOPUS), and not under mine, being the only one shareholder, director, secretary. Indeed, it was a little bit difficult to get from them my original documents of my company, and I've got them only when I came back the last day of May in their office in Gibraltar, and so, then, I discovered their subterfuge of their name instead of mine, and so, they did quickly a kind of « fake » transfer of shares and appointments from them to me, but they never gave me any proof of this act of registration at Company House...

When I came a second time in their office in Gibraltar, the 31st of May 2017, I asked some change for MANCOMMAND Limited, about my personal address and its capital. Amanda HICKS and Christina SANCHEZ gave me, in their office of Gibraltar, an invoice to make this task, for an amount of £543, invoice made under 2 names (!) and addresses (!), indeed « Octopus Management Limited » at « Avenida del Burgo, Comerciales Venta Melchor, 12, La Linea De La Concepcion, Cadiz, Spain » and « Octopus Management Ltd », based at « Suite 556, Hunskins Waterfront Plaza, Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies -Company registration C19624- » ! An invoice to be paid to a bank account in Cyprus ! I found this, very strange, and even illegal. I understood later that it was a tax fraud. I paid twice this invoice because when I sent the first wire, it did not work at once like usual, and believing there was a problem with this bank in Cyprus (CY12002001950000357024984597), I did another wire to the bank I used to pay the order of the incorporation of MANCOMMAND Limited. But, the first wire has been sent several days later. So, I paid twice, the 05th of June to BANK OF CYPRUS PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED - Account number : CY12002001950000357024984597, and the 07th of June, to JYSKE BANK LTD in GIBRALTAR -Account number : GI45JYBA178541GBP 253802. And today, 27th of July, the people of OCTOPUS did not send me any document nor give me any proof of this process paid since almost 2 months !

By the same time I came to their office the 31st of May, I wanted to incorporate 2 other companies, « BEVLAD » and « SPIDERCUARD ». By the same time I paid twice the change for MANCOMMAND, I paid too, by the same way of wire, each company, £1300, to BANK OF CYPRUS PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED - Account number CY12002001950000357024984597.

So, I sent 4 wires, two of £543, and two of £1300.

« BEVLAD Ltd » - Incorporation Number 115845 -

I discovered that Christina SANCHEZ and Amanda HICKS did a mistake about the capital, by registering it at 25 millions euros instead of 250.000 ! I simply asked them to change it at their own expense. But, they claimed that it was my fault (!) and so, I have to pay for this change ! Indeed, both of them first, and later Sharon SMITHS, used bad faith and lie to me, showing me a proof (order document), but this document proves I'm right, and they are wrong ! But they were continuing to claim the opposite ! Facing their dirty behaviour, I did not want anymore work with them. I asked them to refund me « SPIDERCUARD » company which was not yet incorporated (so £1300), and both payments for MANCOMMAND change (2x £543), process not done yet, not wanting to use this company anymore since it was linked with this dirty company « OCTOPUS ».

« BEVLAD Ltd »

Investigating by taking care of the information they gave to me, I discovered that they put as nominees of my company, those unknown guys/companies, David BENHAM of « Tosca Nominees Limited » based in West Indies !, and Andrew Mark ELLIS of R.E. Services Limited based somewhere on Earth I do not know ( !). I never approved them by not knowing them or not metting them. I even do not know if those people were real. Worse, I discovered that one of this company is not based in Gibraltar but in West Indies !!! So, I sent to all people of OCTOPUS a formal notice to give me all information about those unknown guys, the proof that they were real, companies and people, and a copy of their ID. I never received any reply. I understood that people of OCTOPUS were dishonest, bad faith, unfair, working only for the same kind of clients. Dirty behaviour shown lately by the double fake wire of refund made by Jan BENHAM, accounting of OCTOPUS, of £1843, being a laundering money act by its wrong and inapropriate amount and message (SPIDERCUARD/BEVLAD), and so, despite my warning.

Today, two months later, 17th of september, I only received a part of refunds (not totally all money I spent) about the paid change for « Mancommand » I cancelled, and about the paid order for « Spidercuard » new company registration. I never received the refund for « Bevlad » nor « Mancommand », nor any proof of change or they are my properties despite the fact I paid in full.

So, I, Laurent GRANIER, , file by the present mail, a criminal complaint for the criminal offenses committed against me, my own interest and my companies and their own interests, for at least, a cost of damages not less than 1 million euros :



Sharon SMITHS,

Amanda HICKS,



Christina SANCHEZ,

and any else owner or/and manager or/and employee of

« Octopus International Business Services Limited » and « Octopus Group Holdings Limited », official address « 13/1 Line Wall Road Gibraltar », declared address for some Gibraltar tax fraud invoice at « Local 12, Calle Zona Venta Melchor S/N, 11300 La Linea De La Concepcion, Cadiz, Spain » ;

Companies for tax fraud :

« Octopus Management Limited » at « Avenida del Burgo, Comerciales Venta Melchor, 12, La Linea De La Concepcion, Cadiz, Spain » ;

« Octopus Management Ltd », registered at « Suite 556, Hunskins Waterfront Plaza, Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies » -Company registration C19624- ;

David BENHAM, director of Tosca Nominees Limited, address : Hunskins Waterfront Plaza, Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies ;

Andrew Mark ELLIS, director of R.E. Services Limited, Unknown address !

To Read the Criminal Complaint against Thomas TUNBRIDGE for CorruptionTo Read the Criminal Complaint filed against Octopus' people

GIBRALTAR, le pays Européen de la Fraude
et/ou Le pays britannique de la fraude européenne,
très utile pour la grand-bretagne après le bREXIT pour garder un pied en Europe sans en subir les inconvénients !

GIBRALTAR abrite des sociétés appartenant officieusement à des personnes qui font des tafics et des fraudes en tous genres. Pour créer une société à GIBRALTAR, vous devez utiliser les services de sociétés de création d'entreprises, qui offrent tout un cheptel de services pour occulter votre présence. "OCTOPUS est l'une d'elle. Comme la plpuart de ses clients ont des chose à ccacher, à dissimuler, il leur est  facile, à leurs responsables, de jouer du chantage. d'autant plus, lorsqu'il vous escroque. Mais, quand on a rien à cacher, vous n'avez rien à craindre, vous pouvez déposer un eplainte contre eux. Mais, cela est sans compter le fait que cette espèce de pays, de la taille d'une grande ville, et d'une urbanisation de la taille d'un gros village, tout le monde se connaît, tout le monde travaille ensemble, notamment dans le secteur d'activités et de rémunérations permanentes que sont les sociétés off-shores. Et donc, ce domaine étant le poumon financier et seul économique rentable, les autorités protègent  leurs amis, ce qui confèrent à un beau réseau de corruption, déjà au sein de la Royal Police,  par, en ce qui concerne cette affaire, Thomas TUNBRIDGE qui ne trouve rien à redire, qui ne voit aucun délit.
​Lire les plaintes pour comprendre les détails...

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