Behind QatarGate

From “QatarGate” To “QatarQuake”...

What the Belgian Federal Bench Can't do and Investigate on the Euro-Parliament Corruption... And Why...

Achieved the 31st of December 2022.

If we can consider the present QatarGate, for now, as just the emerged part of the “Iceberg”,

we have to remember that the Titanic sank because it hit its submerged part.

Table of Contents

  1. Preamble 5
  2. Short Introduction To The Case 9
  3. 1.The Multiple Faces of Corruption 15
  4. 2. Make Fall The Second To Make Obey The First, How The Corruption System Works 17
  5. 3. Double-Game Lawyer 21
  6. 4. The Importance of Creating a NGO 25
  7. The Eva Kaili Case 27
  8. The Roberta Metsola Disregarded Case 33
  9. The Weakness of The Belgian Federal Bench 37
  10. Morocco 41
  11. Qatar 47
  12. France, The Last But Not Least 51
  13. Strasbourg, The (Real) (Other) Stronghold of The Corruption of The European Community, Or The Hidden Face of The QatarGate 55
  14. The Shadow of Iran 59
  15. QatarQuake, The Real QatarGate 63
  16. The Other Dangerous Issues about Integrity Breaches 69

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