​                      About Next WW3 planned by USA

This Global Statement has been written and published in January 2015, showing what will happen in the year.
Laurent GRANIER knew yet in october 2015 that the next terrorist attack in europe will happen under a special way: simultaneously the same day; it happened in Paris, 13th of november.
it is not clairvoyance, but analyze.


USA have just begun WW3, few months ago. Indeed, they want to fight anybody against them, claiming it is to avoid a new WW. But, as they are moron, they are doing the quite opposite.

Anyway, USA wanted to rule the world since a while. USA could wait a little more, but they have a time line, and even a deadline. Something very bad will happen before 2019.

2019 because USA have a debt, such a debt that it is impossible for them to reimburse their debt holders. In addition, dollar is over evaluated since US Federal reserve of gold (for real, not officially) does not guarantee it anymore. Otherwise, they have “stolen” the gold of some countries which had let their gold in Fort Knox. Impossible for those countries to get back their gold, and even to see it ! Even the president of USA cannot visit the reserve...

USA have a huge debt in dollars to China. USA cannot reimburse Chinese, and anyway, the rulers of USA don't want to do. USA have been built with lies, scams, thefts, murders, bad faith and trickeries since the beginning of its History. And why could they change their successful way ? “They” continue to rule USA in the same way, scamming people from whom “they” have a debt. “They” are able to screw their own citizen, so what about foreigners...

“They” have two ways to erase their debt, or at least to avoid to reimburse :

Make a war against their greater debt holders, mainly against China;

Create a debt from China to USA.

The second option is possible by “offering” them a kind of protection, by providing them assistance and help. This dirty trick worked in the past, as for the Gulf War (a bill presented to Koweit...), or even WW2 ( a bill presented to european countries as France). Such a bill to pay for the cost of their “help”, more than the real cost, but which was indeed a good deal for USA, becoming the first powerful country in the world after WW2. Nothing is free. For example, in the 30's, USA were not economic strong, and this country became number one thanks to WW2. The war launched economy and businesses of great american companies, overseas. IBM worked for nazis...

So, to use this option, USA need to create a threat to China from another country. And they can do it with North Korea. Even it is not true, USA are used and is able to create fake information, to distort the truth, and even to create a new one, useful for their purposes. It is CIA's business since its beginning, a way which worked in South America, Africa and Middle East in the 60's, 70's, 80's...

This way can lead too, to the first option. Indeed, they can use a war against North Korea to “destroy” China from inside. From one side, USA can erase a nuclear threat on themselves because they want to rule the world (what they are working for...), and on other side, USA can reduce, even cancel its debt to China by providing defense and military help. This second point is the worse (for USA), because indeed they want to destroy, or at least, to handle China in order to erase totally their debt, and also, because China is becoming a great economic threat, having all the technology, the knowledge and the factories of products branded by US companies...

This strategy by USA rulers started few months ago, by asking two prisoners to North Korea, just before the release of the “famous” movie “The Interview”. USA started to put fire between them. It is the first step of their strategy, in order to have all the world against North Korea, and so, they played the game with an universal and common cause, the so-called “free speech”.

A good strategy which worked because US has had the help of the rest of the world, and anyone was on the side of SONY. And better, SONY is making a lot of money by helping USA, taking advantage of the exceptional international buzz for a such low range movie which cost $44 millions.

Later, USA used the same strategy to win and get “friends” for their “cause”, because they need Europe, with the “Charlie Hebdo” attack in Paris. USA were strangely very quick to react, even too quick, almost the first ones to show their compassion with a slogan “I'm CHARLIE”, as they were prepared to...

Another interesting point in the strategy war bundle, it is about the value of Dollar, which is going high for no reason, in front of Euro.

Indeed, USA manipulate foreign currencies as Euro, a currency they hate indeed because the only one able to compete with Dollar. For few years, they put the Dollar down, and they sold it a lot for Euros. Now, they are doing down Euro to buy back their Dollars, and so, they can make 20% of benefit, so, a way to reduce 20% less their international debt. But, in addition, this trick is a sign and a part of their next war, a kind of the so-called “avoided WW3”, but especially against the 2 fronts, Asia and Middle East.

To erase their debt, USA need the help from Jews, and so from Israel. And Israel needs the help from USA to fight Iran. So, it is for this purpose that USA are putting a pressure against Iran to block them about their nuclear project. Pakistan, a little, insignificant and unstable country, so dangerous, has the nuclear power, and USA are doing nothing against them. Why USA are not as firm against Pakistan than they are against Iran ?! Indeed, there is another reason...


Indeed, USA are not really managed by its President, but by several organizations, governmental and no governmental ones (agencies). Even hidden ones. President of USA (POTUS) is just a kind of puppet, playing the role of representative of the country, and more precisely, the representative of American citizens; which is different than to be the representative of the powers of the country. He takes some official political and diplomatic decisions, but he is far to know all agencies working under the cover of the government, and more precisely of the “Nation” of USA. POTUS is far to know everything happening in his country, and even under his “power”, under his government. A lot of agencies as NSA and CIA are still unclear, and even dark, for the president itself. A lot of important international “things” are done and committed without his knowledge, his agreement, and so, ordered by persons not known by any citizen, and even not known by him... POTUS is even not able to have answers, and has no information about some operations, military or so-called military ones, about secret weapons, about black military researches and projects, about “black ops”.

So, how can we trust a person representing the most powerful country in the world, and having even not the knowledge of everything important happening under his “order” and “power” in his own country ?

How can we let USA rule the world ? It should be a dangerous situation, worse than now.

Even the enemies of USA are far to be perfect, are not nice countries, they are not worse than the real USA which are able to kill its own citizens to cover up some dirty acts committed by its own army or some of its own agencies, and are even able to kill its presidents...

And so, to keep a kind of peace on Earth, we need the existence of those enemies of USA, in order to get a kind of equilibrium.

USA are not a reliable country, they think only about themselves, about their own interests. They don't care of anybody else but if someone can be useful for their dirty purposes. Sadly, we need the enemies of USA to keep the world almost safe, to protect us from USA (real) rulers who plan to manage the world, because its rulers, the real ones, the hidden ones, are such very bad people than any good people has to fight them, and so, to be against a part of USA. Not against people of USA.

Letting all power and decision to USA to rule the world should be worse for mankind than our present situation with having enemies of USA.

As USA is a coward and a “chicken” country, in addition to be very paranoid, we can not trust them to rule the world in good and fair condition. As, we can not trust anybody being not able to keep his cool blood to analyze deeply and well any dangerous situation, in order to give and make the best appropriate answer, we have not to let USA ruling the world. Otherwise, USA, by a big part of its people and by the whole part of its rulers, have such a low level of intelligence and moral values that it should be a disaster for mankind if they rule the world.

To come back to their so-called “avoiding WW3” strategy, USA have to erase the last threat they have, the real one, meaning the closest, the fact to be attacked on their soil. CUBA. They have to take power on CUBA.

It is for this, after more than 50 years of embargo, after several presidents, and even several years of his presidency, suddenly, OBAMA wants to make peace with CUBA. There is no economic advantage for USA. But, strategic. A Military strategical point.

As, they cannot make a war to CUBA because too close to their soil, being coward and “chicken”, they cannot do a military attack, they have to take another strategy, to infiltrate the country, and to handle it as soon as CASTRO brothers will die. It is a common way and strategy of CIA, used since a while, and which has been almost always efficient, mainly in South America. “They” are preparing the way to handle CUBA. As is, there will have no threat anymore close to their soil, and so, continue their useful hidden WW. And if CASTRO brothers are still there in the next four years, they will be yet in the place to help to eliminate them from power...


USA want to rule the world, and they have five points to do, to solve, to treat as soon as possible :

To erase the threat on their soil, so from CUBA, not about the country itself, but as strategical

point useful for any enemy;

To erase their world financial debt, and especially to CHINA;

To avoid to have to give back the gold of foreigners countries they have in their federal reserve;

To handle ASIA, by erasing North Korea about their nuclear weapon;

To handle Middle East by erasing Iran, and helping Israel to rule Middle East.

USA can not do this “hold-up” on the World, alone. They have yet the help and assistance from Israel, but they need more, and so, they need too, to avoid to have more enemies. They have to be friend with Europe, military strong and a great strategical point. So, they let do the attack in Paris to have a common international cause (USA embassy's people in Paris were strangely the first one to show their sympathy and compassion for France by showing “I'm Charlie”...). CIA and other US agencies lately admitted to know the killers, those “terrorists”, since a while, being on their black list. An attack they could know and anticipate, which is, indeed, as 9/11, useful for the interest of the rulers of USA, even if it needed to kill people. “They” are able to kill their own citizens, to scoff their own “Constitution” in the only goal to get more power on American citizens, so, why would they take care of foreigners if it was not useful or useless for their strategy. USA rulers killed so much innocent people in the past, to protect themselves, and/or to take advantage and possession of wealth in their own country as overseas.

Now, the low economic world situation, their poor financial situation obliges them to have less scruples, if some remain. USA are a country falling in ruins, on the economic plan. They don't produce anything anymore, but few ones which cannot be a help for their economy. Worse, everything under an american brand is produced overseas... They just handle information through big american companies which make money thanks CIA, NSA, and other agencies which are paying for them...

As is, now, Europe is under a terror situation, and they found a friend and a comprehensive help from USA...

Indeed, WW3 started and is going ahead with those first steps. Check first half of 2015, it happened more than the three prior years, strange “things” we never imagined before, and faster and faster.

USA is a bad country, which is ruled by very bad people, uncontrollable, but worse, unknown and hidden. They absolutely do not deserve to rule the world. We have to fight them about their goal before it could be too late.

We can avoid it by keeping a kind of equilibrium with some counter-powers to USA, even, paradoxically, with enemies of USA.

World needs enemies of USA to be safe.

By Laurent GRANIER

Theoricien, Master Philosopher, Environmental Profiler, I.P. Expert, Consultant.

Founder of ANOTOW FundAction (ANOther TOmorroW)

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